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Terra Natura theme park

Terra Natura

Brings people and animals closer together!

Terra Natura is a safari park and zoo with a unique design, which makes it easy for you to come into contact with the animals. You will find more than 1500 animals of 200 different species. You will see tigers, elephants, rhino, sea lions, deer, toucans and many others. Also there are around 50 animals that are seriously threatened with extinction.

A day trip to Terra Natura Benidorm is highly recommended, especially if you love animals!


You can buy discounted tickets at our reception! Skip the line and benefit from a lower price.

Prices Terra Natura via our reception

Adults (12+): from €37 for €32 p.p.

Children (4-12 years): from €31 for €26 p.p.

Children (0-3 years): free

Seniors (60+): from €31 for €26 p.p.

Girl with owl on her shoulder in Terra Natura Benidorm
Close up of a Bengal tiger in Terra Natura Benidorm
People watch elephant with caretaker in Terra Natura Benidorm

Did you know?

We also sell combination tickets for Aqua Natura and Terra Natura through our reception? You can visit both parks on the same day. Or divide your visit over 2 days and go to Aqua Natura for one day and Terra Natura for one day. 

Prices combination tickets Aqua Natura & Terra Natura 

Adult (12+): from €48 for €43,- p.p.  (1 day, 2 parks) / from €52 for €47,- p.p.  (2 days, 2 parks)

Children (4-12 years): from €40 for €35,- p.p.  (1 day, 2 parks) / from €43 for €38,- p.p.  (2 days, 2 parks)

Children (0-3 years): free

Seniors (65+): from €40 for €35,- p.p.  (1 day, 2 parks) / from €43 for €38,- p.p.  (2 days, 2 parks)


Terra Natura is fun for young and old!

The park is no less than 320,000 square meters and very spacious. Most animals have a lot of space and the animals' habitats are adapted as closely as possible to their natural habitat. Terra Natura is divided into four zones: Asia, Europe, America and Pangea. In this last part you will see poisonous creatures, such as scorpions. A walking route runs through the park. If you follow it, you will automatically pass all the zones and animals. Be surprised and learn more about Mayan mythology in the America theme area.

People in Terra Natura Benidorm with the camels and dromedaries
Close-up of two young tigers in Terra Natura Benidorm
Mother rhino with baby rhino in Terra Natura Benidorm

Zoo Experience in Terra Natura

There are regular activities and shows in the park. If you plan in advance, you can experience, for example, the feeding and care of animals up close at different times. This will undoubtedly give an extra dimension to your visit! During such a “Zoo Experience” a guide will also explain everything to you about, for example, the habitat, nutrition and care of the animals. Watch the elephants and tigers being fed or visit the birds of prey show and watch eagles, vultures and owls fly overhead. Especially for those who have never experienced this, the bird show is a truly unique experience!

Would you like to experience a “Zoo Experience”? Please check the Terra Natura website before your visit and inquire about the times for the various activities. You can of course also inquire at the entrance to the park.

In many places in the park there are informative signs through which you can learn more about both the animals and various plants in the park. In Terra Natura you will find not only 1,500 animals, but also more than 250 species of plants and trees. You literally walk through a green oasis.... Especially on hot days, the trees and plants provide some extra shade. Do you have questions about the plants or animals? Feel free to ask one of the caregivers!

There is a playground in Terra Natura for the youngest visitors and of course there are also various opportunities in the park to eat or drink something during the day. However, you can also bring your own items for a picnic in the park.

Girl in Terra Natura Benidorm in a pink dress and makeup as an elf

How to get there?

Terra Natura is located at Foia del Verdader 1 in Benidorm. If you come by car, you can park your car on site for a fee. You can also go to the park by bus. O.a. buses 21 and 22 stop nearby. Or take a taxi, which might definitely be the easiest way to get there if you do not have a car. 

Opening hours Terra Natura

Opening hours vary from season to season. The park is open every day from May to October. Outside these months it is wise to inquire in advance about the opening days and times.