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Aqua Natura theme park

Enjoy a day full of fun!

Aqua Natura Benidorm is a themed water park that is extremely popular with both young and old! Enjoy unique attractions such as the Tornado, la Cresta (unique in Europe!), Kamikaze, Rio Aventura, Black Hole and, among others, the zigzag giant slide. In total, Aqua Natura offers more than 700 meters of dizzying slides!

Buy your tickets at a discount, skip the line and guarantee yourself a day full of excitement and entertainment!

Aqua Natura prices via our reception

Adults (12+): from €37 for €32 p.p.

Children (4-12 years): from €31 for €26 p.p.

Children (0-3 years): free

Seniors (65+): from €31 for €26 p.p.


Did you know?

We also sell combination tickets for Aqua Natura and Terra Natura through our reception? You can visit both parks on the same day. Or divide your visit over 2 days and go to Aqua Natura for one day and Terra Natura for one day. Inquire about the options and prices! Or have a look at our information about Terra Natura.

Children having fun in the Aqua Natura Benidorm children's pool
Overview of the giant zigzag slide in Aqua Natura Benidorm
Overview of Aqua Natura Benidorm with slides

Family fun!

The Aqua Natura water park has an area of ​​no less than 40,000 square meters. The park is set up in such a way that everyone can enjoy the many slides and swimming pools. The park is very well organized, so parents can relax in the jacuzzi and SPA zone, for example, while the children romp in one of the swimming pools or have fun on the slides.

Explore the underwater world!

There are several zones in Aqua Natura. In addition to the part with the water slides, there is a wave pool, a separate children's pool and the SPA sun deck. There is a lighthouse with a breakwater between the part of the water slides and the beach area. On the other side of this breakwater you will find an underwater zone and an impressive aquarium, where you can see numerous animal species from the Mediterranean. Here you literally feel like a fish in the water and - as if that weren't enough - you can take up the challenge of swimming with sharks... Do you dare?

People are ready to slide down the Multipista water slide in Aqua Natura
Discover the mermaid school in Aqua Natura
Girl on pink swimming ring in the Zigzag Giant Slide in Aqua Natura

Mermaid school

Discover the mermaid school in Aqua Natura; a magical place where boys and girls can turn into mermaids or mermen. The children can have their faces painted and have their picture taken as a mermaid or man. Children learn how to swim like a mermaid with a monofin and receive a diploma at the end of this special activity. Do not miss it!

Sea lion show

Finally, during your visit to Aqua Natura, you can enjoy educational demonstrations with sea lions. Discover how sea lions desperately need your help to continue surviving in public waters. In Spain alone, 30 million cans and bottles are thrown away every day and 50% of plastic is dumped without recycling. Every year, 8 million tons of waste reaches the seas and oceans. That's more than 200 kg per second! Learn what you can do to help these and other animals during the sea lion show and become a Guardian of the Sea!


Facilities in Aqua Natura

There are lockers and changing rooms in the park. There is also a souvenir shop and you can buy snacks or drinks at various places in Aqua Natura. However, you may also bring your own refreshments if you prefer.

If you are going with someone who uses a wheelchair, it is good to know that a water wheelchair can be used upon request. Inquire in time before your visit! Regular wheelchairs can also be rented in the park.

Opening hours Aqua Natura

Aqua Natura is open from May to the end of September. On most days the park is open from 11am – 6:15pm. However, please check the Aqua Natura website for the exact opening hours during your visit.


The address of Aqua Natura is:

  • Foia del Verdader, 1, 03502 Benidorm

If you go by car, it is useful to know that there is a (paid) parking lot.Are you going by bus? Then buses 21 and 22 go to Aqua Natura. Or take a taxi. This is often the best option if you do not have your own transport and are traveling with 4 people or more.