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General Information

What are the terms and conditions?

When you book an apartment at Siroco-Gemelos 22, you agree to the General Terms and Conditions as stated on our website. We recommend that you always read the Terms and Conditions  before booking a trip.

What does SGR mean?

When you make a booking for Siroco-Gemelos 22, this booking is covered by the guarantee of the SGR. The SGR is the largest guarantee fund in the Netherlands and the first travel money guarantee fund in Europe. SGR guarantees prepaid travel money from consumers, paid to the affiliated travel organizations. In the event of financial problems or the bankruptcy of a travel organization, they pay, under certain conditions, for the trip and / or accommodation.
Siroco has been a member of the SGR for many years under the name Siroco and with membership number 1989.

When will I receive my travel documents?

After full payment of the travel sum, you will receive the travel documents approximately 2 weeks before departure. Have you not received anything 1 week before departure and have you paid for the trip in full? Then please contact us.

I have a complaint. Where can I report it?

490 / 5.000



Of course we hope that it will not happen, but it could of course be that the apartment is not completely to your liking or the trip does not go as planned. We recommend that you always report complaints about the apartment directly to our reception on site, so that a solution can be found in consultation. If our employees in Spain have not been able to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, you can then contact us or send an e-mail to:

Are dogs allowed in the apartments?

We have a few apartments available where staying with a dog is allowed. These apartments are located on the 2nd and 9th floors of both towers of Gemelos 22. We charge €50 for the dog.

Since only certain apartments are allowed to stay with a dog, you must inform us immediately while booking the apartment. If you pass on this information after booking, we will have to charge €35 extra for the change of the booking. 

Only small dogs with a maximum height of 45 cm at the withers are allowed. Larger dogs may be refused, as well as cats and other animals. We would like to point out that it is not allowed to walk the dogs in the garden. No dogs are allowed around the pool. Your dog must always be on a leash on the grounds of Gemelos 22.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

We ask for a deposit of € 150 per apartment at check-in. If you leave the apartment at check-out in the condition it was in when you checked in, you will receive the deposit back. You can pay the deposit in cash or by bank/credit card.

I come by car; do I need an environmental vignette for Benidorm?

Since January 2023, an environmental zone has been established in Spain in all municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants. This also applies to Benidorm. The environmental zones are indicated by a sign with the environmental stickers of the vehicles that are allowed to enter the relevant environmental zone. The environmental vignettes have not yet been checked for 2023. From January 1, 2024, all cities will be legally required to do this and you risk high fines if you enter the environmental zone without a vignette.

For vehicles with a Spanish license plate, environmental vignettes are available at the Spanish post offices. The vignette is not yet available for foreign vehicles. However, a Danish, French, German or Austrian environmental sticker is also valid in Spain. If you do not yet have an environmental vignette, please purchase the French Crit'Air vignette in good time (delivery time approximately 10 days). If you are in Spain and you do not have a valid sticker, park outside the city.

The only vehicles allowed to enter the low-emission zones and which are so indicated on the new signage of the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) are:

  • Blue – 0: zero-emission vehicle such as electric and gas-powered vehicles.
  • Blue-green – ECO: hybrid and gas-powered vehicles that meet the criteria of the green sticker.
  • Green – C: petrol cars registered in 2006 or later; diesel cars registered in 2014 or later; vehicles with more than 8 seats and heavy vehicles, both petrol and diesel, registered in 2014 or later.

For more information, we kindly refer to the information of the Spanish Government.



How can I make a reservation?

You can easily make a booking for an apartment at Siroco-Gemelos 22 through our website. In addition to the apartment, you can directly book various extras and put together the desired package yourself. When booking you also have the option to indicate certain preferences with regard to the different apartments. Additional costs may be associated with this. If this is the case, this will be indicated immediately when booking.

Please note that a booking via our website is always on request in the first instance. The final booking will only be made after receipt of confirmation from our booking office.

If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us; by phone at +34 966 889 181 or by email at

Can I also book by phone?

Yes, that's possible. We can be reached by phone between 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM on  +34 966 864 690 (ES). We are not available by phone on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Can I already make a reservation for next year?

Yes, you can also book for next year. You can do this easily via our website or by contacting us on +34 966 889 181 or

What is the difference between essence and preference?

A preference is a preference that you can specify when booking. We will try to take these preference(s) into account as much as possible. However, you cannot derive any rights from this.

If a special preference is so important that you want to be sure that we can meet this preference, then you should book an essence. Additional costs are associated with an essence (€ 35,- per essence). Attribution of the essence is always subject to approval by Siroco-Gemelos 22.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to meet the essentials after booking an essence, we will always contact you to discuss what you want to do with the booking. You will of course always receive the costs of the essentials back if we are unable to grant them.

What is included in my reservation?

You can largely determine yourself what is included in your booking. You can optionally book various extras next to the apartment. All extras that you book are stated on the confirmation and invoice that you receive from us after booking.

In any case, when booking an apartment, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, air conditioning, cleaning, towels and bed linen are included as standard in addition to the stay, unless stated otherwise.

Can I indicate a preference for my apartment?

When booking, you can indicate a preference for tower 1 or tower 2 of the Gemelos 22. These are both located on the complex. Our reception is located in tower 1. In addition to a preference for the tower, you can indicate a preference in terms of floor: low, medium or high. We will always try to take your preference(s) into account in the layout. However, we can never guarantee this 100%. In consultation we will always look for an apartment that suits you best.

If your preferences are so important that the trip can only take place if we meet your specific wishes, you can book an essence. Additional costs are associated with an essence. Attribution of the essence is always subject to approval by Siroco-Gemelos 22.

How can I change or cancel a booking?

If you want to change or cancel an existing booking, you can contact us by phone or send an e-mail to, stating your booking number.

Please note that change and/or cancellation fees may apply.

View of the balcony of Benidorm, the sea and the beach of Cala del Mal Pas Cala
View from the balcony of Benidorm on the sea and the skyline at Playa de Levante
Church of Sant Jaume and Santa Anna in Benidorm with a blue sky in the background


How do I pay for my booking?

After booking you will receive an invoice from us with our IBAN details and a payment link. When you use the iDEAL link you can transfer the costs of the reservation directly to us. If you prefer to make a bank transfer yourself, that is of course also possible. Always state your invoice number with your payment.

When do I have to pay for my reservation?

As stated in our terms and conditions, we ask you for a deposit immediately after booking. Six months before departure, 30% of the travel sum must be paid and 6 weeks before departure we ask you for the balance.

Will I receive a payment confirmation?

When you have made a payment for a trip, it will be processed by the administration on your booking. If you have provided an e-mail address when booking, you will receive a confirmation.

When will I receive the invoice for my reservation?

If you have provided an e-mail address when booking, you will receive the confirmation and invoice on the day of your booking at the specified e-mail address.

What are administration costs?

We charge €15 booking costs per booking. This amount will be stated on your invoice as an administration fee.


From what time is the accommodation available?

On the day of arrival, you can usually enter the apartment between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. If you arrive before that time and the apartment is not yet available due to cleaning, you can usually put your luggage in the apartment or leave it at the reception. If you arrive after 5 pm, please contact the reception 1 day before arrival, so that you can make separate arrangements about check-in and key collection.

Do the apartments have television?

All apartments have a flat screen TV with approximately 25 Dutch-language channels, 20 English channels, several Spanish television channels and a number of specific children's channels. The TV is free to use in all apartments.

Does the apartment have cooking facilities?

All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen with oven, microwave, coffee maker, pots, pans and all the utensils needed for your holiday.

Are there towels and bed linen?

Towels and bed linen are provided upon arrival. For stays of more than 1 week, bed linen and towels are changed once a week. If you want more towels and/or bed linen during your stay, you can obtain them at the reception for a fee.

Do the apartments have a balcony?

All apartments at Siroco-Gemelos have an open balcony. At certain times of the year we sometimes rent additional apartments from private owners. Some of those extra apartments have a closed balcony. All balconies have a garden table and chairs.

How do I get the keys if the reception is closed?

If you expect to arrive outside reception opening hours, you must contact the reception 1 day prior to your arrival to make arrangements for the check-in and key collection. There is a keybox next to the reception. For late arrivals you will receive a code for the central entrance gate and the keybox.

If you have reserved parking, the key and remote control for the parking will also be ready for you in the keybox.

Is there a washing machine?

There is no washing machine in our apartments. There is, however, a central launderette directly behind our reception. Tokens for the washing machine are available at the reception. Washing costs €4. Washing and drying €6.

Is there free Wi-Fi?

All apartments have free Wi-Fi. There is also free internet at the swimming pool, fitness room and launderette.

Is there parking at the property?

Gemelos 22 has a closed parking area. If you want to use the parking, you must book in advance. The costs for parking are €5 per day and in the high season (July & Aug) €7.50 per day.

The car park is closed with a gate. We ask for a €70 deposit for the remote control of the gate. The deposit will be refunded to you upon return of the remote control and the keys of the parking bracket of the parking space that you have been allocated via the reception. Parking is at your own risk.


Is the furnishing of all apartments the same?

All apartments are basically comparable, on the understanding that we offer 2- and 3-room apartments and the layout of these differs. The apartments all have the basic facilities as stated in the accommodation description. There may be minor differences in interior design. For example, not every apartment has exactly the same balcony seat and, among other things, the cabinets, dining table, paintings and curtains can differ from the photos on our website.

Is the indoor pool heated?

Yes, the indoor pool is heated at around 23ºC. The indoor pool is open from October 1st to May 15th.

Are there restaurants in the apartment complex?

No, there is no restaurant on site at Gemelos 22. However, you will find plenty of restaurants in the immediate vicinity of Siroco–Gemelos 22. The boulevard with nice restaurants is also within walking distance (about 450 m.).

Are there any charges for sunbeds?

You can rent sunbeds on site through our reception (subject to availability) for in the garden and by the pool. The costs are €3 per sun lounger per day. If desired, you can also rent a recliner. The costs are €10 per chair per week.

Are there ATMs nearby?

There are several ATMs on the same street as Gemelos 22.

Is there a supermarket nearby?

There are several supermarkets nearby. Mas y Mas is located on the same street as Siroco – Gemelos 22. The Dialprix is just around the corner. There is also a shop nearby that is open 24 hours a day.

Can I book an cot for my baby?

We have a limited number of cots available. If you need a cot, you can request one from us. There are no extra costs attached. We also have a limited number of high chairs. If you would also like a high chair in the apartment, you can also indicate this. Availability is based on stock at the time of your stay.

The cot includes a mattress and bedding.

Is there soap or shampoo?

We offer self-catering apartments. There is no soap, shampoo or conditioner in the bathrooms. There is a starter pack for the first day in the kitchen with a small tube of washing up liquid, a cleaning cloth, a rubbish bag and a scouring pad. You will also receive 1 roll of toilet paper upon arrival. You must purchase any additional supplies during your stay yourself.

How many keys for the apartment will I receive upon check-in?

Basically, everyone receives one key to the apartment and one key to the outer doors of the towers and the entrance gates of Gemelos 22. If you have booked an additional safe, you will also receive a key for the safe.

It is possible to receive a second key if there are several people staying in the apartment. Please inquire about this at reception.