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Aqualandia theme park

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Aqualandia: the largest water park in Europe!

A day out to the Aqualandia Benidorm water amusement park is the perfect excursion for a successful and refreshing day with friends or family. Aqualandia is the largest water park in Europe and offers attractions for every age. Enjoy numerous slides, wonderfully cooling swimming pools and various relaxation zones. A day at Aqualandia is guaranteed to be a success, because the water park is not without reason one of the most visited parks in Benidorm!

Buy your tickets at a discount, skip the line and guarantee yourself a day full of excitement and entertainment!

Aqualandia prices at our reception

Adult (12+): from €40 for €35,- p.p.  

Children (4-12 jaar): from €30 for €27,- p.p. 

Children  (0-3 jaar): free

Seniors (65+)from €30 for €27,- p.p. 

Pistas Blandas slides in Aqualandia Benidorm water park
Man in a yellow swimming ring in the Aqualandia Benidorm attraction
Children's pool at Aqualandia Benidorm

Fun for the whole family!

Aqualandia offers attractions for the whole family. The youngest visitors can enjoy the games and swimming pools in the children's zone, while the real daredevils can test their adrenaline on challenging slides such as the “Big Bang” and the “Verti-GO”. Do you dare to make a free fall at 100 km per hour?

Enjoy the Amazon

Start the day in Aqualandia quietly with a visit to the "Geyser" with a waterfall, cave and jacuzzi. Or relax here after all the adventures and exciting races on the various water slides. It is also wonderful to relax in the special “Benidorm Amazon area” or to enjoy the waves of the wave pool.

Relaxed, fun or adrenaline?

Aqualandia has 15 great water attractions. There are attractions for the youngest visitors in Discoveryland, among others, and very challenging slides. Below is a brief description of some of the attractions.

Zig Zag Mini

Aqualandia's Zig-Zag is perhaps the park's most legendary slide. With the perfect mix of speed and turns, this slide is suitable for the little ones.

Pistas Blandas

The 5 most popular and smoothest slopes in the park. Compete with your fellow travelers!


More fun for the whole family can be found at the “Rápidos” rapids. Enjoy a refreshing descent in a donut.

People in water slide of Aqualandia Benidorm
Family in Aqualandia Benidorm with slides in the background
Black hole water slide in Aqualandia Benidorm


Something different than the slides? Then go to the “Laguna”. Here you will find tramplines, walkways, zip lines and more for a fun and sporty aquatic circuit.

Black Hole

This water attraction is designed for anyone who likes adventure! Get into a dark tube full of bends and accelerate as you travel the circuit alone or as a couple in a tire.


This is the longest indoor slide in the world! From a height of 36 meters you slide down no less than 200 meters while sitting with 4 people in a sturdy rubber band. You go through the tunnels, as it were, through a whirlpool, with some descents of up to 45 degrees. Glide faster and faster and feel the adrenaline!

Big Bang

Looking for even more adrenaline? Then go to the “Big-Bang”. Choose from one of four heights and enjoy a free fall. This attraction is unique in Europe!


One of the newest attractions in Aqualandia is “Verti-GO”. These two slides of 28 and 33 meters high with a free fall are only for those who like a challenge. While you descend in approximately 3 seconds, you often reach a speed of no less than 100 km per hour. Do you dare?

Gran Jacuzzi Iguazu

To relax, a visit to the Gran Jacuzzi is wonderful. Enjoy the warm water and the different water massages. Or take a trip to “Niagara” and enjoy an almost cinematic setting with waterfalls and caves.

Aqualandia offers fun for everyone!


There are several restaurants and picnic areas in Aqualandia. Enjoy the green spaces and sunbathing areas. There are lockers available for your valuables.


The address of Aqualandia is: Sierra Helada, s/n, 03503 Benidorm.

If you go by public transport, you can use line 1 or line 11. If you go with 4 or more people, a taxi may be the easiest way to get to the park. Are you going by car? Then it is good to know that there is a spacious parking lot, which is shared with Mundomar.

Opening hours

Aqualandia is open this year (2024) from May 25 to the end of September. In June and September the park is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. In July and August the park remains open until 8 p.m. (subject to change).

If you are looking for a fun day and an unforgettable experience, Aqualandia is the park for you!